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From Erik Price <>
Subject includeAntRuntime
Date Wed, 23 Apr 2003 13:16:19 GMT

If I understand correctly, the <javac> task inherits the contents of the 
CLASSPATH environment variable (as well as any libraries in 
$ANT_HOME/lib) indirectly from the Ant runtime.  Please stop me here if 
I am wrong.

Quick question:

If I want to ensure that this environment variable is *not* inherited 
(so I can be assured that I am not inadvertently depending on any 
CLASSPATH settings that exist external to those specified in my build 
file), what is the recommended solution?  At first I would have thought 
that setting an explicit classpath to use would override any existing 
classpath, but this appears to be true for <java>, not <javac>.  Looking 
at the docs, I would assume it is the <javac> includeAntRuntime 
attribute (set it to "no").

And, if so, are there any non-obvious drawbacks to doing so?



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