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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: Need advice from somebody who uses (or avoids) SSHExec
Date Wed, 23 Apr 2003 00:51:00 GMT
Dale Anson wrote:
> Hi Matt,
> I checked the source, the "failonerror" actually fails the build on 
> error by throwing a BuildException. However, if the time limit is 
> exceeded, it does not.

Sounds like an opportunity for patching sshexec.
Because it is new, there is no reason not to change system behaviour
  -we can fiddle with it till it is right.

> One way that I've used for running remote builds via sshexec is to have 
> the remote Ant post it's status to a web page and/or send it's own 
> e-mail messages. That way, if a single remote server fails, you'll know 
> right away. This doesn't give you the central control and logging that 
> you might be wanting, but it does circumvent getting the exit status. 
> Another way, that I haven't tried, would be to have the remote Ant 
> sshexec back to the central server and write it's exit status to a log 
> when it is done.

> You might also check the list archives, I seem to recall someone saying 
> that they had a servlet that would kick off Ant via an http request, 
> which might be another way to go.

There is rant (on ...I wouldnt use it on a secured system.

I've always thought about doing a real ant-over-SOAP-over {HTTP,Jabber, 
JMS,whatever}, though maybe what we really need is remote ant over some 
two way channel (so that the remote and sends structured responses back 
that are handled by the orginator: buildexceptions, output at different 
levels, etc.

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