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From Hanasaki JiJi <>
Subject Re: JSR 14 / Java Generics compiler adaptor - seems to still call old compiler
Date Sat, 19 Apr 2003 05:09:25 GMT
OK.. I found it....
the -source value was supplied by a property from an included properties 
files.  The value was 1.5 with a " " after the 5.  taking out the space 
resolved the issue.  Just guessing... something is amiss in the 
interaction in the javac compiler for 1.5 and the extra space.  There is 
no way to pass an extra space on the command line because the bash shell 
parses params.  does ant use an api to invoke the javac from a jar file 
and this causes the problem becuase "1.5 " is passed instead of "1.5" 
Maybe a Sun issue to fix but ANT can provide a workaround by triming the 
string for the source value.

Hanasaki JiJi wrote:
> Just downloaded and tried the adaptor.  It is saying that 1.5 is not a 
> valid source version.  It has been verified that the compiler adapter is 
> actually being used.
> quick inspection of the sourcecode looks like the jsr javac.jar file is 
> not being includeded by the adapter.  Another possibility is that the 
> error is becuase the jsr adapter calls the modern adaptor and the modern 
> adapter is checking the source version as well????
> ant version 1.5.3

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