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From Alec Hothan <>
Subject How to add source jar file to ANT javadoc target
Date Mon, 07 Apr 2003 19:03:54 GMT

I need to document a bunch of java source files, some in directories, 
some in jar files.
The Sun javadoc tool accepts any combination of directories or jar files 
(containing java source file) in its -sourcepath argument.

Looks like the ANT javadoc task does not accept jar files (containing 
java source files) in the sourcepath.
Anybody knows a workaround for this (other than unjarring the jar file) ?

When I try to add a jar file to the sourcepath (or sourcepathref), ant 
complains that it is not a directory.

Adding the jar file in the javadoc classpath attribute (as mentioned in 
previous postings in the archive) does not help because the javadoc spec 
says it will only look at the classpath (for backward compatibility 
reasons) if the sourcepath is not provided.



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