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From Ajay Gautam <>
Subject Re: Eclipse and Visual source safe
Date Fri, 04 Apr 2003 03:43:47 GMT wrote:

>I have experience with the VSS plugin 1.3.0 together with eclipse 2.1 and it
>works just fine (besides vss is a crappy source control system, but this is
>off course another issue)
>What I did to have it work:
>- I created a new project (using the new project wizard)
>- On the project root (in eclipse), right click -> team -> share project
>- Normally you should see a vss entry there, click it.
>- fill in the dialog you see, specifying username, passwd, vss dir, source
>dir (this is the root of your eclipse project, default / is good) and
>relative mount point (suppose your source in vss is on
>$/unit/blabla/branch/src, choose $/unit/blabla/branch/src, you will see the
>content of that directory underneath your project's root)
>- right click on eclipse project root -> team -> get latest. Now you
>download latest version from vss and you can start working.
>In window->preferences -> team -> vss you can tweek the behaviour of the
>plugin somewhat to accomodate your way of working.
>Hope this helps,
Yes, this helps a lot. However, I did spend about an hour finding out 
that its an external plugin that would need to be installed.

Installed it, and now things work fine.

Thanks a buch to everyone who responded


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