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From Ajay Gautam <>
Subject Eclipse and Visual source safe
Date Thu, 03 Apr 2003 12:45:26 GMT

At my office, the managers have given us flexibility to use our own IDE. 
Unfotunately, they are still stuck with using Visual Source Safe for 
source control (Please do not ask why).

I see that Eclipse integrates seemlessly with CVS. Has anyone woked in 
eclipse in VSS environment ? Any work arounds ?

I cannot really use the "import feature" because:

1. it seems to *copy* everything from the checked out directory to the 
workspace directory. which will break the linkage of the directory with VSS.

2. If I link VSS to the workspace directory, any new files that are 
created by other in the team will not be reflected in the workspace, 
when I get latest from VSS.

3. Its not a good solution. Its dreadful.

Plese help an eclipse newbie.


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