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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: Usage of ant and antcall tasks
Date Wed, 02 Apr 2003 17:52:37 GMT
Tim Gordon wrote:
> I've read things recently that state that usage of antcall should be
> restricted to calling sections of your build.xml that can be parameterised
> (Conor, I think).
> That said, it implies that usage of the ant task should similarly be frowned
> upon.
> I'd love to say that one of the targets in my build.xml depends on a task
> defined in another build.xml, but the only way open to me seems to be using
> the ant task, which is programmatic, rather than declarative.
> Is this the only way to specify dependencies on targets in other build.xml
> files at the momement? Will we have to wait for Ant2 for this sort of thing?

The way I do it is have a master build file that contains the dependency 
logic 'server depends on common and core Jars', client depends on 
server'; each of these is encapsulated into its own target that then 
<ant>s down to the appropriate dir. This lets me invoke things like 
'dist' and 'test' across the board.

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