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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: simple log level determination
Date Tue, 01 Apr 2003 01:03:00 GMT
Mike McNally wrote:
> I've got some tools that are wired into ant via separate adapter
> classes (that implement Task).  I'd like to keep the tools such that
> they're not directly dependent on Ant classes, but I'd also like to
> make them smarter when used in Ant.  Specifically, I'd at least like
> to be able to turn on and off chatty build-time status messages if
> "ant" is running with "-q".
> I realize this touches on a lot of fairly complex things going on 
> inside the Ant runtime; I'm not looking for anything fancy.  This
> seems like it might be a fairly common issue -- is it?

It isnt that common, most people just link in to ant.

But we've encountered it in Axis, I am part way through writing a 
commons-logging adapter that binds commons-logging data to the ant 
output levels. So your code uses commons-logging internally, to bind to 
whatever, and in ant it gets the ant log system

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