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From "Lenz, Evan" <>
Subject xslt param "expression" attribute a misnomer?
Date Wed, 30 Apr 2003 19:36:53 GMT
The documentation for the "expression" attribute of the "param" sub-element
of the xslt task reads:

"XSL expression to be placed into the param. To pass a text value into the
style sheet it needs to be escaped using single quotes."

But that is not how it behaves. In each of the Ant versions I've tried, the
attribute value is treated as a string, rather than an expression. This
caused unexpected behavior in my stylesheet that used a boolean-valued

<xslt ...>
  <param name="bool" expression="0"/>

In the stylesheet, <xsl:if test="$bool"> evaluates to true, because the
value of the parameter is not the number zero, but rather the string "0",
which is non-empty and thus evaluates to true.

Was this change by design? Was the documentation ever correct?

The workaround I am using is expression="" (i.e. an empty string) so that
the parameter will be evaluated as false.


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