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From "Lenz, Evan" <>
Subject xslt task dependencies on secondary files
Date Wed, 30 Apr 2003 00:57:47 GMT
This has been brought up in the past, but it doesn't appear that it has been
addressed yet. Basically, I want what Eric van der Vlist asked for almost
three years ago:

"The only way I could think of would be to add a new parameter to the
style task which would give a list of files involved in the

In order to get around this lack, I am having to resort to terrible hacks
that increase my build time to an unacceptable length. Some workarounds have
been suggested:

But these workarounds do not work when an arbitrary (not statically known)
number of transformations need to take place as in the following example. I
have invented a "depends" element below to show an example of what I need to
be able to do:

<xslt basedir="${www.src}/html-content" destdir="${}/simple-html"
style="${www.src}/stylesheets/simple.xsl" includes="**/*.html">
    <param name="navigation-file" expression="${www.src}/navigation.xml"/>
    <depends file="${www.src}/navigation.xml"/>
    <depends file="${www.src}/stylesheets/import/helper.xsl"/>

simple.xsl invokes document($navigation-file) and thus depends on that file,
in addition to the primary source file. Similarly, simple.xsl includes
<xsl:import href="import/helper.xsl"/> and thus also depends on that file. 

XSLT is an excellent tool for aggregation of XML content, but Ant currently
doesn't support such uses. Perhaps this feature actually has been
implemented? As an extension? Any further information on this would be
greatly appreciated. Otherwise, consider this a desperate feature request.


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