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From praseed balakrishanan <>
Subject javac task not generating classes of successful compilation
Date Wed, 30 Apr 2003 06:17:53 GMT
javac exits the task with "BUILD FAIL" error without
generatng classes for successful compilations.

No special message is printed on the console. just the
error stating "failed to compile the respective java
file" and the build exits. but it makes it appera as
its compiling all the classes. but at te end not
writing the classes to the classes (destination)

For instance i have a java file in my tree which has
some syntax error and i know of its implication, but i
want javac to continue with compiling other classes
and generate the classes. This is not happening. Its
faling to write classes to the destination folder. 

This prob i noticed with default or modern compilers,
but with classic compiler option the classes are
getting generated, but another problem of dependency
is arises. 

im using ANT 1.5.3 latest. snippet: 

<target name="" depends="init">
 <echo message="compiling java files... "/> 
 <mkdir dir="${appmake.basedir}/build/classes" /> 
<!-- compiles common files --> 
destdir="${appmake.basedir}/build/classes" />

please ignore <owclasspath> and path.sepreator
property . 
owclasspath is my task to get the classpath of my
development environment. 

the above snippet reports an error in a file, but the
whole tree fails to generate class files in "classes"

Urgent help required. 


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