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From Akshay Sivananda <>
Subject Checking out multiple clearcase files thro Ant
Date Fri, 18 Apr 2003 15:34:29 GMT

To all those who use Ant to build with ClearCase
source files, has anyone ever had the need to check
out multiple files through Ant? I dont think ANT
supports fileset elements as the content for the
cccheckout task, which poses a problem for me, since I
need to check out ALL *.sh or *.properties files from
a directory?

Anyone who has achieved this, please let me know..

<cccheckout viewpath="c:/views/viewdir/"/>
<cccheckout viewpath="c:/views/viewdir/"/>
<cccheckout viewpath="c:/views/viewdir/"/>

I want to achieve something like this....

<cccheckout viewpath="c:/views/viewdir/*.sh"/>


somehow use the fileset to specify the list of files
through include, that I would like to include in the
checkout list of files.



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