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From sashang <>
Subject Re: cpptasks - linking to make an executable
Date Sun, 20 Apr 2003 11:11:36 GMT
On Sun, 2003-04-20 at 22:35, Antoine Levy-Lambert wrote:
> The cpptask that you are using seems to be coming from sourceforge, not
> directly from ant. So you should search there. Probably in the zip file
> containing the task there is some documentation that you should read.

Yes, its from sf  I
didn't think ant had built in tasks for c++ so I looked on sf for some

> Otherwise your error messages look like a missing library (C++ standard
> library) for the linker.
> You should also try to build your little test program on the command line,
> to check whether your development environment is properly set up.
> Try also to run your ant build in debug or verbose mode (like that :
> ant -verbose) 

Ok thanks. It looks like cpptask maps 
<linker name="g++"/> and <linker name="gcc"/> 
gcc -g -static -o test test.o
, i.e. it maps g++ to the gcc.

Building test from the command line using g++ works. However, building
from the command line using gcc produces linker errors.I guess I've just
got to specify which library to link with in the build file.

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