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From "Zhu He" <>
Subject preserve softlink using <copy>
Date Mon, 14 Apr 2003 19:20:41 GMT
Using <copy> in ANT, how to preserve but not follow a softlink?

For example, in {sourceDir}, I have
-dir1 (the real stuff inside)
-link1 (softlink to dir1)

How do I use <copy> to copy those 2 in the {destDir}?

I tried 
    <fileset followsymlink="false" ...>
the result is {destDir} has

I also tried 
    <fileset followsymlink="true" ...>
the result is {destDir} has
-link1  (real copy of dir1, not the softlink, basically double the size)

I really want is
-link1 (a softlink to dir1, not a real directory) 

thx in advance.
Zhu He

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