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From "Antoine Levy-Lambert" <>
Subject Re: Passing changing values from script to ant
Date Wed, 16 Apr 2003 10:42:03 GMT
I do not know beanshell, but generally there are different ways to set
If beanshell can write files, then write a property file in your beanshell
and load it in your ant build file with
<property file=""/>
If you start ant by issuing a shell command, you can also do
"ant -Dpropertyname=value"; properties defined on the command line override
these defined in the build.xml
Last solution, if you are starting your ant build via the ant Java API, you
can override properties programmatically.
Hope this helps.
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From: "KOFFMANN Gilles" <>
To: <>
Sent: Wednesday, April 16, 2003 12:13 PM
Subject: Passing changing values from script to ant

> Hello,
> I'm relying on an xml file describing my build.
> I parse this xml in a beanshell script task thru the Xerces impl. of the
DOM api
> What I would like to do is call an ant task from this script passing a new
value each time.
> Since ant properties are immutable, I can't do that.
> The result is that my build is only one big task containing only
beanshell script.
> Am I missing something ? Is there a workaround ? Is it for next versions ?
> Regards
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