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From "Jean-Baptiste BRIAUD" <>
Subject [bug ?] CVS task using cvspass
Date Tue, 01 Apr 2003 13:09:02 GMT

I have strange problems :
* I'm able to commit a module from comand line
* I'm able to do the same things with ant 1.5.2 on command
* It doesn't work with ant 1.4.1 from WSAD
* It work with ant 1.5.2 from WSAD

=> OK, is there a know bug with CVSPASS task in ant 1.4.1 ?

I found a lot a mail in the archive with that but no one had
lead to a new bug.
Also in bugzilla, there was supposed bug around CVSPASS but
there was declared invalid.

It's important for me because I would like to use ant 1.4.1
from WSAD (the only one that doesn't work :-(

   Thanks for your help !

PS1 : the build.xml is made of 
<cvspass ... and then <cvs ...

PS2 : here the error log when it doesn't work :

cvs commit: Examining .
cvs commit: authorization failed: server XXX
rejected access to /opt/repos for user XXX
cvs commit: used empty password; try "cvs login" with a real

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