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From <>
Subject RE: psychopaths.
Date Sun, 11 May 2003 10:02:44 GMT
Jan, Erik,
          Thanks a million for your help. She's running like a dream.

Thanks again,

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Sent: 10 April 2003 13:57
Subject: AW: psychopaths.

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> Betreff: psychopaths.
> Hi guys, 
>         I'm having ferocious trouble with paths. They seem to have a
> mind of their own.
> Is there any way to print out what jars are contained in a path id? 

You can print the full path

<path id="p">...</path>
<property name="pValue" refid="p"/>
<echo> ${pValue} </echo>

Or using <pathconvert>

> Can paths be declared outside targets? 

Yes (see the Ant buildfile)

>Up until now I've only 
> been able
> to get them working when I've 
> Placed them in an init target at the top of the file. Then all other
> targets must have this init target in their depends attribute. 
> Mark.

Patch´s should work. You can´t place task´s outside a target until Ant

Jan Matèrne

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