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From "Nils G H Waale" <>
Subject javaDevWithAnt
Date Mon, 07 Apr 2003 22:59:18 GMT
I got to problems: 
First; <eccoproperties/>in build.xml make errow, but i simple delete that line. It wasn't
of anny importens OK.
seccond; -import junit.framework.TestCase;!
error [javac] no such directory - my junit libery as I got it from is junit.test.framwork
and I add .test to the import expression, and got one step witergehen, but got a new errow;
no TestCace - in junit it's call TestCaseTest, so I try that, but got a new errow, [javac]
cann't solute the symbol TestCaseTest. so now I'm running out of ideas, how to solve the problem
I sorry if it's reported in somewhere, but I can't find my way through somewhere bugsreports!
Nils G H Waale alias nighwa alias Walde

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