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From "Yaron Ruckenstein" <>
Subject Ant task with nested property problem
Date Mon, 17 Mar 2003 17:28:46 GMT

I have two Ant scripts that both except to get the property "param.project" 
thought the command line, and one of them is calling the other, in the following way:

<ant antfile="v:\bin\compile.xml" target="compile" inheritAll="false">
	<property name="param.project" value="${current.project}"/>

(I'm using ant1.5.2 with jdk1.4.1_01, and this problem occurs inside a foreach loop).

My problem is that the value that is passed to the called ant file is not the 
value of ${current.project}, instead the calling script value is passed.

I know that property is not a variable, and once it is set, it cannot be changed,
but in this context I was excepting the value that is passed to the called script 
to be updated.

What can I do to solve my problem and get the values that I want passed ?

(I suppose I can change the names of the properties that the called script excepts,
 but then, will I be able to call it more that once? if the nested property serves as
 any other property task, then once it is set, it cannot be changed)

Thanks in advance,

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