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From "Tim Gordon" <>
Subject Passing a file list to ANT javac task
Date Fri, 21 Mar 2003 17:51:23 GMT

Is there a way to pass a list of files to ANT's 'javac' task? I'm after
something that's functionally similar to the command line "javac @filelist".

The 'includesfile' attribute of the 'javac' task is not what I'm after. I'm
intending to pass in a LOT of files, and my investigations using the
'includesfile' attribute indicates that the FileSet that's used by 'javac'
will work it's way through every file path under it's root directory and try
to match it against any of the files in the 'includesfile' attribute. If the
number of files specified in 'includesfile' is large and the number of files
under the root is large then this takes a long time.

Obviously, I'm doing something wrong. Is there a way to pass a specific set
of files the the 'javac' task without copying them all to a new interim
source root first?


Tim Gordon

Allustra Limited
1 Royal Exchange Avenue
Tel 020 7464 4190
Tel 020 7464 4194

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