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From "Kiarna Boyd" <>
Subject update dist copy to client dirs question
Date Thu, 06 Mar 2003 01:26:06 GMT


I'm trying to wrangle the following situation with ant 1.5 on linux.

a base directory that is updated with new material that needs to be pushed 
out(overwritten) to existing directories with some excludes.

so on one tree level(basedir):

base client1 client2

I have been trying to use copy

<copy overwrite="true" todir="${basedir}/**">
                <fileset dir="${masterdir}">
                        <exclude name="**/test1/"/>
                        <exclude name="**/test2"/>
                        <exclude name="**/"/>

But copy reads the ** as literal rather than symbolic and will create a 
directory named **

I'm using on Directory-based tasks for a guide.

Can anyone suggest the proper way of doing this push and ideally not 
overwriting the base dir. I might have to move the base dir if it is too 

Thank you


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