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From James Sinnamon <>
Subject Re: Access to Environment Variables other than ANT_HOME of CLASSP ATH
Date Thu, 20 Mar 2003 01:04:04 GMT
On Thu, 20 Mar 2003 10:30, Moon, Ed wrote:
> Most environment variables on my W2k laptop at work are uppercase.
> By convention, environment variables on Linux, Mac OS X, and Solaris
> boxes are also uppercase.
> In my environment <property environment> works fine.
> Are these environment variables you wish to use set by the OS or by an
> end user?

They are part of the configuration of the Jikes RVM (Research Virtual 
Machine).  Environment variables are set, then exported, and then used
by the scripts which build the RVM.

The following are excerpts from a very long ksh script which 
generates another ksh script, which in turn writes the names of 
files  necessary to build the RVM:

 if (( ! RVM_WITH_JAZZLIB )); then 
     print "   print 'Ljava/util/zip/ZipFile;'  >>$PRIMORDIAL_CLASSES_STR"
     print "   print 'Ljava/util/zip/ZipEntry;'   >> $PRIMORDIAL_CLASSES_STR"
     print "   print 'LVM_ZipFile;'  >>$PRIMORDIAL_CLASSES_STR"
     print "   print 'LVM_ZipFile$ZipHash;'  >> $PRIMORDIAL_CLASSES_STR"
#   etc etc

# etc etc etc
# etc etc

      print "   print '[LVM_ProcessorLock;' >> $PRIMORDIAL_CLASSES_STR"
      print "   print '[LVM_BlockControl;'  >> $PRIMORDIAL_CLASSES_STR"
      print "   print '[[B'                 >> $PRIMORDIAL_CLASSES_STR"
     # etc etc

# etc etc etc

... maybe a bit complicated, I feel.  Different class names are written to
an output file, which is later used as a script to write an output file 
which is later used as input into a compile and link script.

I though that possibly the same could be accomplished more simply
using a build.xml file with an 'echo' task, if ant can use environment 
variables which are set elsewhere, as apparently they can be. 

I wanted this to be a small first step towards
being able to build the whole Jikes RVM with ant.

Thanks for your help.

Best regrds,


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