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From Erik Hatcher <>
Subject Re: Java Development with ANT
Date Sat, 08 Mar 2003 05:42:55 GMT
On Friday, March 7, 2003, at 05:48  AM, Matthew Oatham wrote:
> on page 113 the Search class is listed, it imports 2 other classes 
> supposedly created by the reader org.example.antbook.common.Document 
> and SearchUtil . Where in the previous pages of the book were these 
> classes created? Or weren't they? I'm a littled confused about the 
> application the example tries to create, is it introduced later in the 
> book?

Actually its introduced earlier... Section 1.6, to be exact.  :))

And all the code is online at the Manning site, but a cleaner more 
widely used version of it is, as Steve said, part of my JavaDevWithAnt 

> I've just read CH4 (the one about JUnit) this also seemed a little 
> vague about the test classes to create. Are these introduced later on?

There are some tricky issues to consider when writing a book.  Do you 
spell everything out in gory detail or do you gloss over things in an 
attempt to be succinct and to a specific point.  Of course you can 
never win - too much detail folks would lose interest because most of 
it would be "yeah yeah, so here is another bean class with getters and 
setters, get on with it, will ya?!" or too little detail and you risk 
losing some readers.

We tried to strike a balance and address a happy medium and we are very 
open to suggestions for improvement.

But, as Steve also said, lets move any discussions of the specifics of 
our book to the Author Online section at Manning's site.


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