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From "empatespl" <>
Subject Tomcat - Ant
Date Sun, 30 Mar 2003 05:00:28 GMT
Hi Friends,

     I am trying to write some application in jsp, and I am using tomcat to
host that on my PCQ GNU/Linux 7.1. I want to store some class files inside

<application dir>/WEB-INF/classes/

and I want my application to use those class files while running. The wrox
publications book (Professional JSP) says that it is possible to do so. But
my application is giving some error if I put my class under the above said
folder. If I place the same class file under the


folder, the applications works fine. Now how to tell my application to look
for the calss files in the WEB-INF dir of my application folder. I changed
the pathelement tag in the buld.xml file, but still its not working. I am
actually not using ANT to build my application, so I dont thing making any
changes to build.xml will help. I also need to put the <session-timeout>
parameter in the web.xml, which has to come usder WEB-INF folder. If my
application is not able to see the WEB-INF folder how can I set the session
timeout. (I dont want to disturb other application running with different
server timeouts)

Summing up, my problems are
1. I want my application to use the class files placed in the
WEB-INF/classes folder of my app dir.
2. How to set the session timeout only for my application.

My CATALINA_HOME is /usr/jakarta-tomcat-4.0

Please help as soon as possible

Thanks in advance


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