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From "Andrew Forward" <>
Subject Re: another unit-test question
Date Thu, 06 Mar 2003 06:48:28 GMT

First off, although packages look like directories, they are not.... So
having separate directories for source code (i.e. the test code, real code,
maybe even gui code) does not effect the package structure of your code.

> how can they share the same package?

tell ant to look in /src/main and /src/testsuite for source code when

use the 'src' element like
  <src path="${src.main}"/>
  <src path="${src.testsuite}"/>

In essence when you are doing testing, you tell ant to look in more than one
place for .java files.  So if these two places both have a package
then it's as if the physical files where located in the same directory.

> Should I be copying my production code source tree into a new tree with
the test code embedded alongside it?


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