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From "Esbrook, Scott" <>
Subject problem excluding files from JAR task
Date Fri, 21 Mar 2003 22:16:49 GMT

Searching the archives, I've seen some mention of similar problems (bugs),
but I'm not sure they apply to this situation:

Ant version 1.5.2, JDK 1.3 on Win2K

I want to exclude all *.class files from the JAR under the ./classes/ovtest
dir; but I want to include all files under ./classes/com/compuware.... No
matter what I try, the files under ovtest are included.

Executing the following:

     <jar  destfile="${jar.dest}/${jar.filename}">
       <fileset dir="${compile.dest}"

I am unable to exclude these files from the finished jarfile. It fails under
every slight variation of this command I've tried. For example, this
variation also fails:

     <jar  destfile="${jar.dest}/${jar.filename}">
       <fileset dir="${compile.dest}"/>
       <fileset dir="${compile.dest}/ovtest"

Just to be sure the other variables are resolving correctly, I did an echo
of the "${compile.dest}/ovtest/**/*.class" which was output as I expected:

     [echo] before jar task, excludes = classes/ovtest/**/*.class

Am I doing something wrong here?

Scott Esbrook
Software Developer
Compuware Corporation

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