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From "Aurelien Pernoud" <>
Subject Rename with regexp ?
Date Thu, 13 Mar 2003 16:01:11 GMT

Hi there,

I've been looking in the faq and in mailing-list archive but I don't find a
way to do this simple (?) thing.

I'd like to rename files this way :

file.extension      		 -> file.extension
file.version.extension         -> file_version.extension     -> file_foo_version.extension

In fact a simple replace of all "." (except last one) by "_" char.

So I tried using regexp extensions, without succes, I can only get the last
pattern match in the result.

I saw a related trouble there

But the answer was (at that time : 12/2001) "not possible".

I'm stuck :(

Thx for any pointer (even if it is "no you can't"),
Aurelien Pernoud.

PS : Please CC me if you have the answer, I'm not on this mailing-list.

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