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From Andreas Ames <>
Subject Re: [Q] How to avoid <antcall> with generic <script> target for subprojects?
Date Fri, 28 Mar 2003 13:15:37 GMT
Andreas Ames <> writes:

> - Ant.execute:  my current ant version (1.5.1 as packaged on Debian)
>   just uses FileUtils.resolveFile to combine the basedir and the name
>   of the antfile unconditionally.  I would change that to only combine
>   them if returns false.  Otherwise
>   I'd leave antFile as it is.

Oops...  I just recognized that FileUtils.resolveFile has the
undocumented feature, that it preserves the filename as is, if it is
absolute (but it doesn't use File.isAbsolute to determine this but
rather a method which seems specific to Unices and non-UNC Windows
filenames, but that would be enough for me)

Therefore Ant.execute should do what I want it to do if I specify an
absolute filename for the antfile attribute.

Thus my questions below should have been:

> - Would you consider such a 'feature' for SubAnt to be useful?  Would
>   the ant maintainers consider it to be useful for the Ant-task?  If I
>   understand FileUtils.resolveFile correctly, no existing antfiles
>   should be broken by this change.  But please note that I'm very new
>   to ant.

If you, Dominique, would accept my 'feature', no patch against the
Ant-task would be needed.  Would the ant maintainers accept the
described behaviour of the antfile attribute of <ant> as officially

> - Should I send a patch to this list or should I use the bugtracking
>   system?
> - Against which ant version should I create a patch?  Please note that
>   I have no access to cvs (firewall issue).

Although I can't access cvs I could make a patch against the HEAD
revision of if you prefer so (thanks to viewcvs).

TIA and sorry for following up myself,


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