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From Andreas Ames <>
Subject [Q] How to improve performance of jython in <script>?
Date Thu, 27 Mar 2003 11:47:03 GMT

I'm using jython through bsf to script our build process.  Currently I
have two embedded scripts, one recursivly calling <ant> on a list of
subdirectories and one for checking and dissecting a version string.
My only concern about this is the performance.

I have also a pure python script, executed via <apply> with a pythonc
interpreter, for compiling a list of python sources to bytecode (*.pyc
and *.pyo).  The perceived performance (I haven't measured this yet)
of the python script, which is about as (non-)complex as my jython
scripts, is better by (seemingly) magnitudes.

I have heard about 'fixing' jython code with jythonc and about means
to create native ant tasks with jython but don't really know how this
works and if it would help.  I just wonder if someone has practical
experience with this or any other means and would advice me (esp. when
performance is concerned) before I have to try it myself from scratch
(I'm new to ant).



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