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From Andreas Ames <>
Subject Re: [Q] How to avoid <antcall> with generic <script> target for subprojects?
Date Fri, 28 Mar 2003 12:55:21 GMT
Dominique Devienne <> writes:

> I think you might want to use <subant> instead of scripting <ant> calls on
> set of directories... See:
> --DD

Thanks a lot;  this is what I was looking for.

However, there is a minor problem for my use case.  I need to be able
to specify an absolute filename as the antfile attribute.  This means
every subproject uses the same (given) antfile.  In my case this will
be the ${ant.file} of the superproject.  All subproject specific
settings are specified in a property file within the subproject's
'build' subfolder.

To be able to handle this with <subant> (and <ant>), without copying
my antfile around, i need to patch the following:

- SubAnt.execute() and SubAnt.execute(file):  the current code uses
  Ant.setAntfile to implicitly set the basedir of the subproject.  I
  need to this explicitly by using the Ant.setDir method.  I want to
  use to distinguish between absolute and
  relative antfile values.  I need to change the SubAnt.execute(File)
  interface to SubAnt.execute(File dir, String antfile).  If antfile
  is a relative name the handling keeps as it is, if it is absolute,
  it is given to Ant.setAntfile unchanged.

- Ant.execute:  my current ant version (1.5.1 as packaged on Debian)
  just uses FileUtils.resolveFile to combine the basedir and the name
  of the antfile unconditionally.  I would change that to only combine
  them if returns false.  Otherwise
  I'd leave antFile as it is.

As you can see this would be no big deal.  Before I actually do it I
would like to ask some questions (not only to you Dominique but also
to others):

- Would you consider such a 'feature' for SubAnt to be useful?  Would
  the ant maintainers consider it to be useful for the Ant-task?  If I
  understand FileUtils.resolveFile correctly, no existing antfiles
  should be broken by this change.  But please note that I'm very new
  to ant.

- Should I send a patch to this list or should I use the bugtracking

- Against which ant version should I create a patch?  Please note that
  I have no access to cvs (firewall issue).



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