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From Jesse Stockall <>
Subject Re: Slash direction
Date Fri, 07 Mar 2003 17:51:40 GMT
On Friday, March 7, 2003, at 12:42  PM, Lee, Michael.M wrote:

> Does the slash matter when it is used in vssget command?

Yes, the entries from the build file are used to assemble the command 

> I used this as the serverPath variable
> serverPath="\\eg-vss-a02\q-deutschland\"

You don't need the trailing '\' I don't know if it's the cause of the 
problems, but it's not needed.

> It works perfectly when i execute on the command line.   However, when 
> i
> tried to run this with Anthill, it says "[vssget] No VSS database
> (srcsafe.ini) found.  Use the SSDIR environment variable or run 
> netsetup"
> Why would it find the srcsafe.ini when i run this on the command line 
> but it
> wouldn't find when i run it on Anthill?

Try running ant with '-debug' and then paste that on the command line 
and see what happens?

Jesse Stockall -
CRYPTOCard Corp.

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