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From (Thomas SMETS)
Subject RE: SQL performance task
Date Mon, 10 Mar 2003 12:57:59 GMT
I beleive you are talking about using JUnit TestSuite from within ANT.
There is basically two options from the OpenSource world.
  _ The first one is to use JMeter... but that more like showing response time for specific
actions : JDBC, HTTP requests, ... 
    (see on jakarta).
  _ The other option is the JUnit sense is tomake sure that your response time is not impaired
by the introduction of some features / behaviors / checks... You therefore need to have a
prior knowledge of the system expected time OR you have prior exepectation over the behavior
of the code (smthg like : if response time for one is 'x' msecs, then response time for 2000
calls made simultaneously by 10 'users' should be 'y', with 'y' being a function of 'x').
The way you can do that is to use a Junit extension from "mike clark". 
    It's really good & mike is always helpfull (in my own experience) in case of troubles

Thomas, wrote:

>Does anyone run sql based performance testing as part of their ant build.
>I have had a request to look into this and was wondering if anyone does
>this and what their thoughts are about it.  My development and test
>environments use ant to build out code and database objects it would be
>nice to test the performance of those objects and get a gauge back with
>every build.
>Michael Medwith
>Flagstar Bank
>Wholesale Web Development Team
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Thomas SMETS 
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