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From Ray Tayek <>
Subject Re: local build file with ant
Date Tue, 25 Mar 2003 01:51:49 GMT
At 01:09 AM 3/23/03 -0600, you wrote:
>Hi Ray !
>here follows a sample of build.xml that makes <ant> recursive calls to 
>clean the
>sub packages:
>     <target name="clean">
>         <echo message="Cleaning all: reverting back to source 
> distribution..." />
>         <ant dir="${basedir}/core" target="clean"/>
>         <ant dir="${basedir}/modules" target="clean"/>
>         <ant dir="${basedir}/samples" target="clean"/>
>         <delete dir="${dist.dir}"/>
>         <delete>
>             <fileset dir="." includes="**/velocity.log*"/>
>             <fileset dir="." includes="**/maven.log*"/>
>         </delete>
>     </target>

looks like he has to "know" what he is doing. imho, this is a good thing. 
it looks to me that this will not recurse indefinitely (unless one of the 
ant clean tasks in (say) core had similar logic to recurse?

>the same can be done for compilation or any other task, for instance the 
>main one:
>     <target name="main">
>         <ant dir="${basedir}/core" target="main"/>
>         <ant dir="${basedir}/modules" target="main"/>
>         <ant dir="${basedir}/samples" target="main"/>
>     </target>
>this is documented here in the ANT core tasks:

great! - this certainly solves part of the puzzle.

thanks for your assistance.

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