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From Rafal Kedziorski <>
Subject Re: ANT best practices
Date Tue, 04 Mar 2003 09:45:05 GMT

take a look on this:

they are building the same application for:
- WebLogic 7.0
- JBoss 3.0
- Orion 1.5.x


At 09:33 04.03.2003 +0000, Matthew Oatham wrote:
>OK I've ordered Java Development with Ant book but until it arrives I 
>wanted your opinion. Here's the question.
>I create a base jar which will be used for deployment on different App 
>servers so this base jar needs different deployment descriptors added to 
>it depending on the target app server. In one build run a jar needs to be 
>created for deployment on 4 different app servers therefore I seem to have 
>a number of options:
>For each app server run a jar task specifying the directories of class of 
>files plus the specific deployment descriptor. Perhaps a bit of redundancy 
>re-running a jar task all the time?
>Create a generic jar in one task then in separate app server tasks copy 
>the generic jar - rename it and add the required deployment descriptor.
>Create a fileset then use this fileset in each app server specific task 
>running a jar task to add this fileset plus deployment descriptor
>Any other ideas / opinions / preferences?
>Any feedback would be good.

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