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From Glen Stampoultzis <>
Subject Re: removing log output
Date Mon, 31 Mar 2003 03:33:27 GMT
This is not exactly what I had in mind.  What I meant was that I was 
expecting logging to be quiet when specifying the -q option.  At the moment 
the "quiet" option doesn't really make it ant particularly quiet.



At 04:53 AM 31/03/2003, you wrote:
>Hi !
>sorry but I lost the thread reference on somebody wanting to remove the
>log output and can't find it back through the mailing list coz only
>contains the last month archive.
>I just wanted to say that I am personnally not interested in seeing the
>ANT log output removed coz in some cases some builds are one time shot
>only and the log is highly needed; for instance the case of a general
>build, when labels are created/updated in the configuration management
>system the log is needed to know why a build did fail and I don't want
>to do have to launch the build an extra time just to see why it did fail
>so that the CMS is not overloaded with useless labels. another example
>is regression tests: if they did fail I want the build to show why so
>that the related developer can know very quicly what has to be
>corrected, at best after javac compilation.
>I can however understand this can be useless when doing incremental
>development inside an iteration. For instance when using an IDE there is
>sometimes the possibility to not see the ANT output (I know eclipse can
>enable that for u). Otherwise there is already MailLogger that can be
>used, but I think this is more to see everything that was logged instead
>of not seeing it, but that would do it as well. Maybe you can propose to
>the list exactly what u plan to do, and see the answers of everybody.
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Glen Stampoultzis

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