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Subject Re: FTP ant task (revised)
Date Tue, 11 Mar 2003 22:54:47 GMT
Yes, NetComponents.jar was listed in my directory listing in
the original email.  Also does it have to be in $ANT_HOME/lib
or can it simply be in my classpath?  

Any idea why ant is not complaining about not finding
some other class other than FTP.class since we know
it is in the correct classpath.

When I removed the <taskdef> for ftp I received another
error message:
   "Could not create task or type of type: ftp."

so I believe your statement is incorrect that I do not
need to have a taskdef.

This is still not working after all the great help.
Has anyone been able to get the FTP task to work with
ant 1.5.2?



>All the 3rd party jars, does this include NetComponents.jar?.

>You also do not need to <taskdef> ftp, just make sure >NetComponents.jar 
>is in $ANT_HOME/lib

>Jesse Stockall -
>CRYPTOCard Corp.
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