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From "Robert r. Sanders" <>
Subject Re: RE : How to delete directory using <ftp> ?
Date Fri, 28 Mar 2003 19:20:10 GMT
Actually, I need to put it on my to-do list.  Its one of those things 
that I have just never gotten around to, partially because right after 
we created the tasks our attention got diverted to a major project that 
was completely unrelated and I forgot to go back and do this.  It is a 
good idea, and I will try to get it done now that someone has reminded me.

peter reilly wrote:

>these tasks look neat, why dont you get
>the ant people to add a pointer to them on the
>external projects page.
>Also, you should provide a
>in the jar so that people can do
><taskdef resource=""
>              classpath="${iftp-task.jar}"/>
    Robert r. Sanders
    Chief Technologist

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