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From Michael Taft <>
Subject Script Shell
Date Sun, 23 Mar 2003 23:52:36 GMT
Hello -
I've been using Ant in a hobbyist capacity for about a year now. I use 
it in jEdit to help me build my project.

One thing I would like to do is automate the uploading of my website 
materials to sourceforge. Currently, I have a single ant task that tars 
them, gzips them, and then scps the whole lot to the home of my 
sourceforge site. That all works great.

However, what I'd *really* like is to then be able to ssh into 
sourceforge, and unzip and untar the bundle. I created an executable 
task for ssh and was easily able to connect. But the next stage is 
confusing me a little bit. What I  need to do is execute three bash 
shell commands (cd blah blah, gunzip blah blah, and tar xf blah blah) on 
the remote server.

Is there an executable task that does this?

In looking at the list archive, I found something about a "shellscript" 
task that sounds right, but neither my copy of ant (both the very latest 
plugin for jEdit, and the other (also new) copy I have on my machine 
seem to implement this task.

So, my questions are:

1. Is "scriptshell" what I want?
2. If not, what is.
3. If so, where do I get it?

Thanks in advance.

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