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From Simon David Kelly <>
Subject Re: win vs linux with ant
Date Thu, 20 Mar 2003 06:57:02 GMT
Here is a thought on the problem and only applies if the file containing 
the <xmlproperties> tag has a DTD and uses it. (I.E. your file doesn't 
just have the <?xml...> but also declares the DTD)

A DTD is position sensitive, so if you have three elements <a> <b> and 
<c> within <x> for example, they will have an order of appearance in 
accordance with their declared position in the DTD.

So if in the DTD we were to have

<!ELEMENT x (a, b, c)>

The xml doc must do this

and not

If this is the case, check the DTD related to your xml file and get the 
correct position for the xmlproperties element.

Hope this helps



"If it can't be done on the command line,
it ain't worth doing!"

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