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From webhiker <>
Subject Re: AW: Anyone written an Ant shell yet?
Date Thu, 13 Mar 2003 10:45:51 GMT
More along the lines of your second option.
But not quite...

During development (die-hard Xemacs) I  always iterate around
"ant clean"
"ant compile"
"ant jar"

etc. to call my targets as needed.

In a shell mode, I would just need to type
%ant shell>clean
%ant shell>compile
%ant shell>jar

with the MAIN benefit of :
1)not having to wait 3 days for a Jvm to start each time
2)A homogenous env instead of arsing about with Cygwin, cmd.exe, Unix 
shells etc.
3)It could easily extend and embrace cvs commands, Windows/Unix style 
directory navigation etc.

WH wrote:
> I don´t know what you understand here on "shell".
> If you want to write a IDE for buildscripts have a look on Eclipse PlugIn
> "Planty"
> before ( 
> If you want to have a command line interface for calling targets
> 	ANT> init target1
> 	ANT> [target1] output
> 	ANT> -Dprop=value
> 	ANT> calltarget2
> then let other people know it:
> Jan Matèrne
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> Von: webhiker []
> Gesendet am: Donnerstag, 13. März 2003 10:02
> An: Ant Users List
> Betreff: Anyone written an Ant shell yet?
> Just wondering if anyone's attempted to write an Ant shell.
> Developing build files using Ant is quite nice, but if we could get a 
> shell together, it would provide a cross-platform shell environment as 
> well, saving switching between Unix, Cygwin, command etc, plus should 
> see much better start-up time for executing Ant tasks, since  they would 
> be run in the same JVM.
> Anyone done this already, or is there a good reason why it's a bad idea?
> WH
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