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From Dale Anson <>
Subject Re: anthill vs. cruisecontrol
Date Thu, 06 Mar 2003 21:36:03 GMT
Both AntHill and CruiseControl run continuous builds. AntHill runs on a 
time schedule. CruiseControl builds whenever a file is checked into 
source control. AntHill is a web app, CruiseControl is a stand-alone 
app. Other than that, they are fairly similar in what they do -- both 
create web pages to show build progress and statistics, and both can 
handle multiple projects. AntHill is much easier to set up and is better 

Dale Anson

Matthias P. wrote:

>in some of the latest messages anthill and cruisecontrol where mentioned.
>I had a (short) look at both webpages and cant figure out where the
>differences are. Can anybody give me a short hint, please. Do you use anthill or

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