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From Erik Price <>
Subject Re: unit test failure w/junit task
Date Wed, 05 Mar 2003 21:46:34 GMT

Jim Allers wrote:
> Do you have the same problem when you run the Junit test not through
> Ant?
> Forking a test is easy. You may already be doing it.
> <junit printsummary="yes" fork="yes" haltonfailure="yes">
>   <formatter type="plain" />
>   <test name="my.test.TestCase" />
> </junit>
> Maybe, it's the third party library that is to blame. Can you normally
> make two separate connections to the remote application?

I hadn't tried until now.  I was ready to say "it doesn't work".  But it 
seems I might be wrong... I created a new test case and the following 
test seems to have succeeded:

     public void testConcurrentConn() throws RemoteServerException {
         CaliberServer server1 = new CaliberServer(this.url);
         CaliberServer server2 = new CaliberServer(this.url);

         Session session1 = server1.login(, this.pass);
         Session session2 = server2.login(, this.pass);

         Requirement req1 = session1.getRequirement(21570);
         Requirement req2 = session2.getRequirement(21570);

         assertEquals(req1.getIDNumber(), req2.getIDNumber());

So it looks like I was wrong in assuming that I couldn't have two 
concurrent accesses.  I'll have to play with this a bit tomorrow and 
figure out what causes that error of trying to load the native library 
twice.  Maybe using the "fork" property is the solution, who knows. 
Thanks again Jim.


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