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From Erik Price <>
Subject unit test failure w/junit task
Date Wed, 05 Mar 2003 20:44:58 GMT

I just started using the <junit> task with <junitreport>, which is 
great.  In my very first unit test, which simply asserted something 
which I knew to be true, everything worked perfectly.

However, I've written a couple of "real" unit tests since then and I've 
gotten an error message I've never seen before.  This is in my report:

testProjectNameHardCoded Error Native Library C:\WINNT\jvb.dll already 
loaded in another classloader

Does anyone know what that one means?  That particular unit test really 
can't fail, either -- it tests to see if a string in the unit test 
matches a hard-coded string in the project, which I know for a fact 
match.  So there's something going wrong with either JUnit or ant, or 
... well I don't really know.



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