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From "Karsten Silz" <>
Subject Tricky JSP precompilation mapping
Date Tue, 11 Mar 2003 12:53:45 GMT
Im working on an Oracle project where I need to precompile JSPs.  Now the
problem is that the JSP precompiler always compiles all files, no matter
whether they have changed or not.  The Ant solution seems to be build a
file set of all changed JSPs with the <depend> selector and a <mapper>.

The problem is: the directory names and the file names of the precompiled
JSPs are different.  If the JSP is in "htdocs/pages/page.jsp", then the
translated page will be in "_htdocs/_pages/" and have a package
declaration of "_htdocs._pages".

Does anybody know a mapper that can translate all JSP in a directory to
the above mentioned Java class path, independent of the actual directory
depth?  I suppose that only the "regexp" mapper can do but I'm not familiar
with it.


Karsten Silz (
"So J2EE makes the hard stuff possible but [...] it still makes the easy
stuff difficult to do [...]. Whereas from the .NET perspective, it makes
the easy stuff easy, and the jury is still out whether it makes the hard
stuff possible." Dennis Leung, head of Oracle9iAS TopLink Development,

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