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From Mike McNally>
Subject Re: taskdef classpath oddity
Date Mon, 31 Mar 2003 21:15:08 GMT
> i am running a task i created. the target looks something like:
> <target name="doit">
>    <taskdef name="doit" classname="some.package.DoitTask"
> classpathref="task.classpath"/>
>    <doit/>
> </target>

Try adding the deprecated attribute "reverseloader='true'" to
your taskdef statements and see if that helps.

If it does help, then you get to decide whether living in sin with an 
attribute that tells the Ant classloader to operate in an anti-social
way is worthwhile for your purposes.

The root of the issue is that the Ant class loader will defer to the 
system class loader unless you give the "reverseloader" attribute. Thus
if your taskdef class *is* on the system classpath, but something it 
uses is not, then you have this problem.

[ you are my main foo ] Mike McNally --

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