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From Herr Christian Wolfgang Hujer <>
Subject Re: information about ant
Date Wed, 26 Mar 2003 23:49:03 GMT
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Hello Ruel, dear list members,

Am Mittwoch, 26. März 2003 15:45 schrieb Ruel Loehr:
> As a newbie ant user i have some questions.  Can you please give more
> detail on
No problem.

> 1. get my sandbox up to date   -   What is a sandbox?
It's best explained with what the CVS info pages use as a "term" instead of 
sandbox: "working directory containing copies of the source files".
A sandbox is a checkout ("local copy") of a module in configuration 
Usually it is important that your sandbox contains the most recent version of 
all files in use.
Updating your sandbox connects with the module in the repository and gets all 
the latest versions of your files so you won't miss any changes other 
developers do.

The term sandbox thus is not specific to Ant. It is a common term in 
configuration management / versioning systems that work with checked out 
modules. CVS is such a configuration management system, and it is probably 
the most popular one.
Ant has support for several configuration management tools including CVS, 
ClearCase, Continuus / Synergy, Perforce, Pvcs, Source Off Site / MS Visual 
Source Safe, Star Team, Visual Age for Java and probably even more.

Note that not every configuration management uses the term sandbox or works 
with sandboxes at all.
Also note that despite what a "cvs checkout" creates in fact is a sandbox, the 
info pages on cvs do not use the term sandbox but just call it "working 
directory containing copies of the source files".

> 3. checkstyle / validate my source files  - What does this mean?
Checkstyle is a tool to check wether your java source files follow some code 
conventions. Checkstyle checks for whitespace around non-unary operators, 
naming conventions for variables, "constants", method names, class names, 
package names, wether there are javadoc comments etc..
Validation is a term used in XML. Validation is a process to check wether your 
files are a) XML files and b) follow certain constraints regarding wording 
and structure defined in a DTD or Schema.

Following code conventions is very important - >80% of the life time of code 
are maintanance. Code Conventions help improving the readability of code.

Checkstyle is not the only free tool available for asserting adherence to code 

Checkstyle is a seperate tool providing an Ant task.

Valid files are sure to be processed correctly by the software. Invalid files 
might not be processed correctly or, depending on the software, not at all.

Ant can use any SAX/DOM/JAXP conformant validating XML Parser to validate XML 

The task to perform validation is XMLValidate.

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