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From peter reilly <>
Subject Re: Script Shell
Date Mon, 24 Mar 2003 09:17:22 GMT
I have included the e-mail discussion on using shellscript and sshexec.

shellscript can be received from CVS head of ant-contrib project
on sourceforge.

sshexec can be received from CVS head of ant.


it is of course a lot better to use <sshexec/> than <shellscript/>
for this.

Also my example contained an error, it should be
 <shellscript shell="sh"><![CDATA[
     ssh ${server} <<END
 cd /tmp
 ls -lrta

On Friday 21 March 2003 16:45, Anderson, Rob H - VSCM wrote:
> If you use the sshexec task you do not need to have an ssh client on your
> local machine. Obviously, the remote machine needs to be running sshd.
> <sshexec host="somehost"
>       username="dude"
>       keyfile="${user.home}/.ssh/id_dsa"
>       passphrase="yo its a secret"
>       command="./"/>
> If you want to execute an ant script on the remote machine you will need to
> install ant and the scripts on the remote machine. Then run a task like the
> following
> <sshexec host="somehost"
>       username="dude"
>       keyfile="${user.home}/.ssh/id_dsa"
>       passphrase="yo its a secret"
>       command="cd path/to/build/file ; ant targetname"/>
> I hope this helps.
> -Rob Anderson
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> From: peter reilly []
> Sent: Friday, March 21, 2003 3:25 AM
> To: Ant Users List
> Subject: Re: SSH in ANT?!?! (WAS: RE: process on a remote server via an
> ANT ?????)
> I do not have windows at the moment so take what
> I am saying with a grain of salt.
> The question is not really an ant question. So
> test everything at the command line first.
> I assume that there is a ssh deamon/service running on
> the remote machine and there is a ssh command line
> utility in your exec path.
> If the sshd on the remote machine is a the cygwin sshd
> and you have cygwin installed correctly on both machines
> the script should work as is.
> If cygwin sshd is installed on the remote machine but the
> local machine does not have cygwin but does have another
> ssh client cli program that can run in a bat file one can do
> <shellscript shell="cmd.exe" tmpsuffix=".bat">
>     <arg value="/c"/>
>      <arg value="call">
>       ssh ${server} ./
> </shellscript>
> Other combinations you need to try yourself.
> Important to note that the ./ is a file on the remote machine.
> To run a script defined in the ant build file do:
> <shellscript shell="sh">
>     ssh ${server} <<END
> cd /tmp
> ls -lrta
>   </shellscript>

On Sunday 23 March 2003 23:52, Michael Taft wrote:
> Hello -
> I've been using Ant in a hobbyist capacity for about a year now. I use
> it in jEdit to help me build my project.
> One thing I would like to do is automate the uploading of my website
> materials to sourceforge. Currently, I have a single ant task that tars
> them, gzips them, and then scps the whole lot to the home of my
> sourceforge site. That all works great.
> However, what I'd *really* like is to then be able to ssh into
> sourceforge, and unzip and untar the bundle. I created an executable
> task for ssh and was easily able to connect. But the next stage is
> confusing me a little bit. What I  need to do is execute three bash
> shell commands (cd blah blah, gunzip blah blah, and tar xf blah blah) on
> the remote server.
> Is there an executable task that does this?
> In looking at the list archive, I found something about a "shellscript"
> task that sounds right, but neither my copy of ant (both the very latest
> plugin for jEdit, and the other (also new) copy I have on my machine
> seem to implement this task.
> So, my questions are:
> 1. Is "scriptshell" what I want?
> 2. If not, what is.
> 3. If so, where do I get it?
> Thanks in advance.
> M.
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