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From Pritesh saharey <>
Subject Re: javadoc task
Date Tue, 18 Mar 2003 08:31:14 GMT

suppose if your java source are inside src dir and your packaging is like this,that
means like this
and your build.xml is at the top level of src dir like this,

mike-+-src/org/fun/make/sita (iam considering your packing should be like this
then in your build.xml file write javdoc task like this 
<target name="create-apidoc" depends="init"
			description="Creats javadoc">
			<!--iam considering you had already written code for making dir in your build file and
you had created apidoc dir in it-->
		<javadoc destdir="${build.apidoc.dir}" 
				windowtitle="Mike api-doc"
				<doctitle><![CDATA[<h1>Mike API</h1>]]></doctitle>
				<bottom><![CDATA[<i>Copyright &#169; 2003 Mike corp. All Rights Reserved.</i>]]></bottom>
 and if you want to skip src dir and want to like this 
	 then just make a small change in your javadoc task put "." inseted of "src" like this in
	 i think this will solve your problem.
--- Mike McNally <> wrote:
>I'm confused about the semantics of the "packageset" element in
>the javadoc task.  When I set up a package set such that it
>includes the top-level directory for the packages I'm interested
>in, it does not work because it skips that directory when making
>the package names.  On the other hand, if I set up the packageset
>with a "dir" that points to the parent of the top level of the
>package, then it thinks it's found no packages at all.
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