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From Mike McNally>
Subject Re: Dropping JDK 1.1 support
Date Fri, 14 Mar 2003 12:58:24 GMT
> ... but there's little to prevent them building with Ant
> on a newer platform, then deploying on the older platform.  

Little besides the gross inconvenience of requiring the purchase
and maintenance of systems in the network solely for the purpose
of supporting the build mechanism.  I seriously can't imagine
convincing any management I've worked for that a development
support tool was a worthwhile adoption even though it required
its own unique computer system(s).

> In any case, those that require JDK 1.1 compatibility or whatever,
> can still use the existing versions of Ant, which are damned
> good anyway. If they can't update their JDK, it's often safe
> to assume that they probably won't be keen on updating Ant or
> their build scripts to get their hands on the latest and greatest
> features of the next version of Ant (that probably would be
> of little use anyway on their older environment)...

Now with that I agree.

[ you are my main foo ] Mike McNally --

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