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From Pritesh saharey <>
Subject Re: AW: how to import another xml file
Date Thu, 06 Mar 2003 08:55:52 GMT
The problem is solved by making java.xml as another build file and calling this java.xml to
my build.xml file like this

<target name="parcel" depends="init,compile"
		description="Creates parcel and distrib file">
		<echo message="Running java.xml..."/>
		<ant antfile="java.xml" dir="." target="all"/>


for time beign my purpose is solved, but i want to create a properties.xml file in which my
two command will be called in all my projects 

<java classname="">
    <arg line="-f PTTService.parceldef -o PTTService.parcel" />

<java classname="">
    <arg line="-f PTTService.distribdef -o PTTService.distrib" />
 here this line:
java classname="">
and this line :
<java classname="">

is going to be called in my each and every project so i want this to in one place but failing
to understand how to write these code in properties.xml file and how to call them in build.xml
 iknow DOCTYPE will solve my puropse but as i mentioned it is giving me pesudo error.

what can i do

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